MIST Briefing Papers

MIST scientists are working to develop a series of briefing papers to provide information on areas of specific UK expertise. It is hoped that these executive summaries will help to inform the public and media of the work carried out in the UK by our community whilst also plugging holes in the understanding of policy-makers and funding agencies as to the relevance and importance of our work.

The first two topics that have been covered are Space Weather and Planetary Exploration.

Planetary Exploration Space Weather
Planetary Exploration Space Weather

Many thanks to Gabby Provan, Chris Arridge, Stan Cowley and Dave Andrews (Planetary Exploration) and Jim Wild, Lyndsay Fletcher, Alan Thompson and Mike Hapgood (Space Weather) for devoting the time and effort to create these papers.

The following topics have been identifed for future briefing papers:

  • In-situ measurements of space plasmas
  • Climate and vertical coupling
  • Fundamental space plasma physics
  • Geomagnetism
  • Ionospheric science
  • The Aurora

If you wish to contribute to any of these topics or if you have an idea for an alternative paper please do get in touch with a member of MIST council.