Autumn MIST 2017 – the programme

The programme for Autumn MIST 2017, which will be held at the Royal Astronomical Society on 24 November 2017, has now been finalised! A PDF containing the schedule, plus all the talk abstracts, can be downloaded here. Please note that we will not be distributing printed copies on the day.

After the meeting, there will be post-conference drinks and networking at the King's Head, a short walk from the RAS.

The talk schedule and list of posters is after the jump.

Talk schedule

10:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
10:30 Emma Bunce Recent magnetosphere science highlights from Cassini at Saturn and Juno at Jupiter
10:55 Gabrielle Provan Planetary period oscillations in Saturn's magnetosphere: New results from the Grand Finale
11:07 Arianna Sorba The periodic flapping and breathing behaviour of Saturn's magnetodisc during equinox
11:19 Ewen Davies Evidence for return flow plasma following tail reconnection in dawnside high latitude regions of Saturn's magentosphere
11:31 Greg Hunt Field-aligned currents in Saturn's magnetosphere: Observations from the F-ring orbits
11:43 Emma Woodfield Radiation belts above the atmosphere of Saturn: A testbed for wave-particle acceleration of electrons
11:55 MIST update and lunch
13:00 Thomas Bradley Field-aligned currents in Saturn's nightside magnetosphere: Subcorotation and planetary period oscillation components during northern spring
13:12 Yutian Cao Observations of photoelectron energy peaks in Titan's ionosphere
13:24 Rebecca Gray Jupiter's UV and X-ray auroral response to Corotating Interaction Regions
13:36 Rosie Johnson H3+ temperature changes in Jupiter's upper atmosphere
13:48 Gianluca Carnielli First 3D test particle model of Ganymede's ionosphere
14:00 Robert Burston Planetary magnetotails as non-linear oscillators: Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn
14:12 Matt James Field line resonant wave activity in the Hermean magnetosphere
14:24 Lloyd Woodham The role of ion-cyclotron resonance as a dissipation mechanism in solar wind turbulence
14:36 Poster session
14:45 Imogen Gingell MMS observations and hybrid simulations of a rippled and reforming quasi-parallel shock
15:57 Julia Stawarz Observations of magnetic reconnection and associated flux ropes in the Earth's magnetotail by the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission
16:09 Samuel Wharton A new technique for estimating magneotspheric eigenfrequencies and implications for magnetospheric plasma distributions
16:21 Stephen Browett Effect of magnetospheric convection timescales on the correlation between the IMF and magnetotail flux rope BY components
16:33 Alexandra Fogg Quantitiative comparison of new SuperDARN convection maps
16:45 Jade Reidy Interhemispheric survey of polar cap aurora
16:57 Daniel Billett Diurnal variations in global Joule heating morphology and magnitude due to neutral winds
17:09 Lauren Orr Dynamical networks characterisation of space weather events
17:21 Meeting adjourns


Sarah Bentley Parameterising ULF waves using solar wind parameters: a probabilistic model
Martin Birch Observations of electron content and velocity fluctuations in the F-region at very high latitude.
John Coxon Filamentary currents in five FTEs observed by MMS
Ravi Desai Cassini observations of nongyrotopic pickup ions at Saturn’s largest icy moon Rhea
Xiangcheng Dong Structure and evolution of flux transfer events near magnetic reconnection dissipation region
Gareth Dorrian The influence of the neutral atmosphere on the ionosphere during polar darkness
Robert Fear Global scale simulation of northward IMF magnetospheric dynamics: Vlasiator results
Georgina Graham Investigating the effect of IMF path length on strahl beam width broadening
Rosie Hood Correlations between geomagnetic disturbances and field-aligned currents during the 22-29 July 2004 storm time interval
Benjamin Hall Preliminary evaluation of MArtian Global Ionospheric Conductivities (MAGIC)
Caitriona Jackman Assessing periodicities in Jovian X-ray emissions: techniques and heritage survey
Nadine Kalmoni A diagnosis of plasma wave instabilities in the lead up to an auroral substorm
Allan Macneil Tests for coronal electron temperature signatures in suprathermal electron populations at 1 AU
Lars Mejnertsen Global MHD simulations of flux ropes on the dayside magnetopause
Beatriz Sanchez-Cano Seasonal variability of the Martian total electron content as seen by the MEX-MARSIS-subsurface instrument
Jasmine Sandhu Field line eigenfrequencies during storms and substorms
Robert Shore A self-consistent method for deriving polar ionospheric convection from eigenanalysis of SuperDARN radar data
Andrew Smith Evaluating single spacecraft observations of planetary magnetotails with a simple Monte Carlo simulation
David Stansby The origin of number density structures in the slow solar wind
Liz Tindale Quantifying variability in fast and slow solar wind: From turbulence to extremes
Sam Turnpenney Exoplanet-induced radio emission from M-dwarfs
Daniel Verscharen Large-scale compressive fluctuations in the solar wind: kinetic theory, MHD, and in-situ observations
Maria-Theresia Walach Characterising variability in speed and direction of ionospheric flows: How well do IMF conditions constrain variability in SuperDARN data?
Honghong Wu Kinetic Alfvén Waves (KAWs) in the solar wind