13th International Conference on Substorms (ICS-13)

The 13th International Conference on Substorms (ICS-13) will be held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA on 25–29 September 2017. The meeting venue will be the Portsmouth Sheraton hotel; Portsmouth is located on the coast of the state, about an hour north of Boston, Massachussetts.

The meeting's official website provides further information, but prospective attendees will have to wait until January 2017 for instructions on registering, submitting abstracts and grants to support travel. Concurrent THEMIS and MMS Science Working Group meetings are tentatively planned, but have also not yet been confirmed.

Jimmy Raeder (University of New Hampshire) is the chair of both the Science Organising Committee and the Local Organising Committee; Steve Milan (University of Leicester) represents the MIST community on the SOC. More details can be found on the ICS-13 website.